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6 Best IPA Craft Beers Made in Toronto

From sweet-to-bitter-to-fruity-sour, there’s nothing quite like the taste journey Toronto craft brewers bring us on with their best India Pale Ales.

The Best IPAs in Toronto:

6. Daywalker by Rainhard (3.9% / 500ml bottle / $5.95)

daywalker session ipa by rainhardAs you enjoy the bitter and sweet lemon taste adventure, you probably won’t notice this beer is only 3.9%. This light beauty is crafted with a backbone right to its bitter finish.

5. Shapeshifter by Halo (6.5% / 500ml bottle / $6.50)

shapeshift best sour ipa halo breweryStarts with fruity blasts of sweet  and tart  before a bomb of hops. This sour IPA will baffle you in the best possible ways.

4. Boneshaker by Amsterdam (7.1% / 473ml can / $3.35)

boneshaker toronto best ipa

Familiar fruit aromas and wide spread availability make Boneskaker a reliable friend for when you want that awakening, hopped-up bitter finish.

3. Headstock by Nickel Brook (7% / 473ml can / $3.45)

headstock ipaVibrant hops with moderate bitterness make for a blissful journey that concludes with a stunningly creamy finish.

2. Octopus Wants to Fight by Great Lakes (6.2% / 473ml can / $3.25)

Octopus Wants to Fight

Sweet upon first sip, this trickster sinks you into a sea of calm with its moderate bitterness.

1. Roman Candle by Bellwoods (6.8% / 500ml bottle / $6.50 )

#1 topbest ipa made in toronto

Your journey starts with a magical citrus pine aroma that soothes your senses into the smooth easy drinking adventure that is to come. Not as dry as many IPAs, this beer has won the hearts of Torontonians, and helped establish the stellar Bellwoods Brewery reputation that makes non-Torontonians jealous.

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