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Top 6 Toronto IPAs

From bitter-to-sour-to-sweet, there’s nothing quite like it.

The moment the first drop touches your tongue, to the last sip, the variety of hops takes your palate on a journey of tastes.

However, India Pale Ale (IPA) was not initially brewed for its taste.

Beer geek conversation starters 

  • In 19th century India, during British Colonialism, Queen Victoria was the “Empress of India” and thousands of British troops stationed in India found themselves wanting to celebrate their newly conquered territory with their favourite drink
  • Beer didn’t travel well by boat, beer that spent months at sea in scorching heat, tasted… just like beer that had spent months at sea in scorching heat
  • To preserve its freshness, beer destined for India was made highly hopped with stronger alcohol content

Today, Toronto craft brewers use that same process, so you can experience the full variety of tastes (and effect) in your India Pale Ale.

Our favourite Toronto IPAs:

6. Hopbot by Hop City (7.1% / 473ml can / $3.05)

Hopbot 1

Made with 5 different West Coast hops, this brew has a tropical aroma, with a beautiful bitter grapefruit-like finish.

5. Octopus Wants to Fight by Great Lakes (6.2% / 473ml can / $3.25)


This limited release brew tastes sweet upon first sip, and finishes with moderate bitterness. Lets hope it doesn’t stay limited.

4. Boneshaker by Amsterdam (7.1% / 473ml can / $3.10)


Pleasant aromas of grapefruit, pineapple, and even honey make this  award winning brew an enticing option throughout Toronto. Its highlight is the awakening, hopped-up bitter finish.

3. #9 by Duggan’s (6.2% / 473ml can / $2.75)


With an apricot-like flavour, this creamy brew has that addictive hopped-up bitter finish.

2. Witchshark by Bellwoods (9% / 500ml bottle / $6.50 )


Don’t be put off by the alcohol content. With delightful citrus and floral aromas, this double IPA is intensely hoppy, with a hugely bitter finish. Available only at the Brewery (on tap or bottle shop).

1. Headstock by Nickel Brook (7% / 473ml can / $2.95)  


This award winning IPA has a combination of apricot and citrus notes. It has a moderate bitterness to its taste, with a stunning creamy finish.

Which Toronto IPA is YOUR favourite? Use the hashtag #CraveIPA to let us know.

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