legalisation day in Toronto October 17, 2018

Top 3 Events for Legalisation Day Fun

Marijuana, weed, cannabis, ganja, dope, pot, whatever you want to call it, goes live for legal sale October 17th, and Toronto will forever change.

Are you ready for legalisation day?

There will be only one legal place to buy weed on the 17th (dispensaries are vanishing).  Delivery times and prices haven’t been released, but we know a variety of weed, oils and seeds will be for sale.

“Where were you the day of legalisation?”

Whether you’re a toker or straight edge, not being part of this historic day would be a mistake. Explore and re-discover our city as a marijuana friendly frontier. Smoking weed in parks, streets and anywhere else cigarettes can be smoked will be legal. If there was ever a time for 24k gold rolling papers this is it!

weed won october 17 legalisation t-shirt

Top 3 legalisation events:

3. Weed Won at Hotbox, 204 Augusta Ave.

Stop into the lounge and potio anytime after 11am. There will be DJs and all the paraphernalia you didn’t know you needed. Go for a munchie adventure afterwards.

2. Bud Drop at Mod Club, 722 College Street.

Be part of the countdown to midnight with Dwayne Gretzky New Year’s Eve style.

1. Trinity Bellwoods Park, 790 Queen Street West.

Be part of Toronto’s first publicly legal group toke at 4:20pm.


Go to CraveTO.

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