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Top 3 Restaurants with Live Music in Toronto

In Toronto, our tastes in music are just as diverse as our tastes in food. So finding a restaurant that melds dinner and live music into one experience? Yes please!

Top 3 restaurants for live music with your dinner:

3. Alchemy: 890 College Street

Discover your new favourite cocktail and live music combo any night of the week at this College Street (West of Ossington) spot.

Staff (more like Artisans) at Alchemy put just as much effort into preparing their cocktails as their food

Start your night with the charcuterie board as you look over the cocktail list a second time

Just like the musicians, the selection on the charcuterie board changes, so each time you come, you can have a unique experience. Live music Tuesday-Sunday. 

2. Harlem Underground: 745 Queen Street West

Music and food for the soul! Harlem’s Caribbean menu pairs perfectly with the mix of soul and jazz musicians on the stage.

harlem underground queen street westYou may feel like you’re in a different country, but don’t go all adventurous with your food and drink at Harlem

Stick with Caribbean staples like menu standouts corn bread and fried chicken. Understand that Caribbean service is on the slow side, so double up your Dark ‘n Stormy or Red Stripe order and lose track of time with the band. Live music Fridays and Mondays only.

1. Copacabana: 150 Eglinton Ave East

Live Music, beautiful Brazilian dancers and a never ending variety of grilled prime meats? Yes?! live music at copacabana toronto The music is loud and lively. The food is medium-rare and lively. You will want to get up and dance to show yourself how alive you are!

copacabana brazilian steakhouse torontoA never ending stream of music and grilled meat selections will find their way to your table at Copacabana

Different styles of prime beef like standouts garlic sirloin and cheese filled prime rib are sliced right off the skewer directly to your plate. $50/person all you can eat. Live music Fridays and Saturdays at Eglinton location only.
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