Top 5 Food Festivals for Summer 2017

It’s the season you’ve been waiting for.

But with so many festivals, how to best plan a successful festival season?

Top 5 Summer Food Festivals:

5. Waterfront Night Market: August 11-13, Hearn Generating Station.

t and t night marketExperience a full-on Asian outdoor night market at a new venue in the Port Lands. Try all the specialty Asian dishes you’re afraid to order at a restaurant, because you’re not sure what will arrive. All your senses will be stimulated (aromas of stinky tofu and rotting garbage included) as the food cooks before your eyes.


4. The Stop Night Market: June 13-14, 181 Sterling Road.

toronto foodie event 2017

For two days a year, a gravel parking lot turns into a weeknight food and drink wonderland. For $100, you get unlimited consumption from pop-ups like Oyster BoyEnoteca Sociale, Dailo, Henderson BreweryNorman Hardie and Georgian Bay Spirits. Book the next day off to nurse your food coma and hangover.


3. Taste of Toronto: June 15-18, Fort York.

taste toronto festival Taste doesn’t just gather the local restaurant community in one place for your eating pleasure, they offer classes and demonstrations for your inner chef. $23.50 gets you entry (no food included).


2. Taste of The Danforth: August 11-13, Danforth Ave.

taste of danforthClaiming to be Canada’s largest street festival, be prepared for an ocean of people and snaking lineups. Danforth Ave becomes a smoky lamb spit for three glutinous days.


1. Food Truck Festival Ontario: September 16-17, Sherbourne Common.

This now free festival gives you the ultimate foodie adventure: Divide, conquer and sample $6 menu items from Ontario’s best food trucks, then become a foodie judge. The truck with the most votes wins the coveted Golden Fork Trophy!

Which Summer Food Festival is Your Favourite?

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