The Fastlane to Summer’s Final Food Festival

A free Toronto waterfront foodie celebration awaits you on summer’s final weekend.

Sherbourne Common will host Toronto’s final summer festival

Free is awesome, but…

An inexpensive day out by the water is the way to enjoy summer’s final weekend, however free food festivals have been known to attract hordes of hangries wanting to satisfy their cravings, making for long lines to your new favourite bites.

Expect lines at this year’s Food Truck Festival Ontario as General Admission is now free

Your stomach growls and your mouth dries as you smell deliciousness waiting for that first satisfying bite.

Get your bites minus the lines

Score a limited “Foodstar pass” to Food Truck Festival Ontario and your foodie adventure will get a 90 minute head start, and will be documented with a Foodstar photoshoot!

Foodstar VIP pass Toronto food festival
A photo shoot is included with a “Foodstar Pass”

A foodie adventure to remember

You’ll be in the fastlane to exclusive $6 FTFO menu items like crispy avocado fries, deep fried riceballs and butter chicken burritos.

Exclusive $6 items like this Chicken Tikka Burrito from The Kathi Roll Express will be available at Food Truck Festival Ontario September 16 and 17, 2017

With the time you’ve saved and a Chimney Cone in hand, you can continue your foodie adventure enjoying the sands of Sugar Beach, the lush grass of Sherbourne Common or… go for thirds and fourths!

Eva’s Original Chimney Cones will be available during summer’s final festival

With your team foodie fun in tow and exclusive $6 menu items you can keep going until you’ve tried every taste!

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Foodstars have more fun

Click here to see if any passes are left.

Free foodie festival in Toronto

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