How to Become a Food Festival Master

Every summer weekend Toronto hosts some sort of food festival.

Numerous vendors gather for a day of yum, offering you a lot of options. Really enticing options that range a variety of tastes that you may not have the chance to try for a long long time, maybe ever!

FOMO is inevitable. Even seasoned foodies with stretchy pants have failed to capture all the tastes at Toronto’s top food festivals. But with your team foodie fun in tow, maybe, just maybe… YOU CAN.

6 steps to becoming a food festival master:

1. Assemble team foodie.

It is desirable you trust the tastes of each team member. Will they make a winning choice when faced with an extensive menu? Is it possible they could have a snaccident?

2. Plan your attack.

With so many options, your team needs a plan. Which vendors will you target first? Second? Third? Will there be themed rounds- Asian? Sweet? Savoury? Vegan? Your options are usually endless, have fun with it!

toronto food festival fun

3. Divide.

Each team member goes on their own mission to find their assigned dish- Go!

4. Conquer.

With a dish successfully secured. Resist the temptation to taste your catch on the walk back to your team.

5. Re-group.

Talk about your dishes, take pictures of your dishes, share your dishes- you’re team foodie fun!

6. More (and more) food.

Repeat steps 3-5 until you’ve conquered all the offerings the festival has to offer!

WARNING: After round 4 it is common to lose a team member to a food coma. Deal with this by slapping them lightly on the belly.

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