Hidden Street Reveals New Mexican Flavours

In a city drowning in tacos and tequila, why open another Mexican restaurant?

Tim Rickard (born in Waterloo) and Cesar Ramirez (born in California) are combining their differing backgrounds to create new flavours at their well hidden Mexi-Cali-adian snack bar near Bathurst and Dupont.

tim cesarCesar and Tim of “El Pocho”

New recipes from a cultural mix 

Cesar uses his memories from living in Mexico and California as inspiration for creating a dish; Tim then adds his alterations.

The first bite of their Carne Asada Taco is an awakening of chile spiced tomatoes, citrusy coriander and garlic grilled steak. Your taste buds will stop dancing when the fresh and balancing avocado calms them down.

carneCarne asada tacos ($9)

Fascinated by the explosion of flavours you will want to try more of El Pocho’s menu: 

chilaquilesVegetarian Chilaquiles ($13): Crispy tortillas with Mexican cotija cheese, scrambled eggs, tomatillo salsa, beans


chorizoChorizo y Nopales ($11): Spicy chorizo sausage and pickled cactus


Will you venture to Follis Ave to try new Mexican flavours?

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