New Downtown Restaurant to feature Fresh Beer and Tapas

So you want to meet friends downtown where fresh beer, inventive cocktails, tasteful food and fun music all combine for a classy house party type of vibe?

Mascot Brewery has opened its restaurant after months of complete renovation.


Located in the heart of downtown on Mercer Street, Mascot Brewery is a convenient location with plenty of options for you and all your friends. The restaurant will be part of a three storey structure, giving you access to its street level restaurant, second floor bar and rooftop beergarden.

So what can you expect from the restaurant at Mascot Brewery?

According to owner, Aaron Prothro, “We are working with a great chef, Rory McGouran, who is classically trained and has worked in corporate kitchens. We decided to offer a snack-sized, tapa style dining experience to give people true value. So, if you come in and try a piece of meat, you don’t have to break the bank on it, you can try sample sized options. One thing we are proud of and makes us unique is that we never freeze our food products, they’re always fresh.”


  Snack sized tapas rule the menu like this “Roasted Lamb Salsa Verde Gremolata”

What to pair with your tapas selection?

Mascot Brewery boasts a high quality and well thought-out drinks menu of fresh beer and gourmet cocktails. “We keep our beer menu lean because we prefer to emphasize quality over quantity. We’d rather be consistent in having a small list of very good tasting beer, as opposed to say, having a list of 20 mediocre tasting beer,” Aaron tells us.


Mascot Brewery’s “Hefeweizen” is a summer sipper, with a hint of banana and clove amping up the
soft, almost bready flavour


The ‘Guac in Rari’: Tequila, chartreuse, lime, strawberry mango agua fresca, avocado cucumber lime foam, Mascot coffee porter chocolate reduction

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