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Where to Find Poke in Toronto

After taking the US by storm last year, we suspected the immensely tasty, superbly healthy, and undeniably trendy Hawaiian staple would make its way to Toronto in a big way.

That’s why on the first day of summer we proclaimed “poke” to be the #1 must-try taste of summer.

Since then, poke-exclusive shops have opened and it has been added to menus across the city.

Big Tuna Bloor Streetan outbreak of poke bars is set to happen in Toronto

Traditionally poke (pronounced po-kay) is made with raw tuna or salmon, onions, sesame oil, and soy sauce over rice. Using this basic recipe, Toronto chefs have been creating the most remarkable dishes of summer by adding their own unique ingredient touches.

Top 5 spots for poke in Toronto

  1. Big Tuna Poke Bar, 599 Bloor Street.


This new Annex spot offers signature poke bowls with Asian inspired flavours or the option to customize your dream bowl. The light and crunchy taro chips are a highlight. Portions are small for $13.

  1. Big Crow, 176 Dupont Street.

BigCrow Dupont

The outdoor Dupont BBQ spot makes salmon poke with chili, ginger, soy sauce, and peanuts they serve it with chips. The peanuts add a unique crunch and flavour but don’t justify the $16 price.

  1. Shameful Tiki Room, 1378 Queen Street W.

Shameful Tiki Bar PokePhoto by @feedmyphone

Tiki bars and poke go hand in hand given their Hawaiian backgrounds. This one combines ahi tuna, honeydew melon, chilies, almonds, mint, cilantro and hibiscus sesame oil. The melon adds a sweet and refreshing twist ($16).

  1. Seven Lives, 69 Kensington Ave.

Seven Live Toronto PokePhoto by @joannecola

 A generous portion of salmon sashimi is served with hot fresh tortilla chips instead of rice and a big scoop of creamy guacamole to make this one of Toronto’s best at only $10.

  1. Miss Thing’s, 1279 Queen Street W.

Miss Things Poke

This trendy tiki bar in Parkdale makes their poke with rainbow trout, salmon eggs, radish, mushrooms and ginger over coconut rice. The sweet rainbow trout and fragrant coconut rice make it our favourite poke in the city ($12).

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