Top 5 Places for St. Patrick’s Day Fun

As you may remember it, St Patrick’s Day is a day full of lineups, broken plans, missed calls and drunken shenanigans every March 17th. Start planning now, or avoid it altogether.

If you’re the planner, you know that  part of any worthwhile celebration is the possibility of a few too many “celebratory” drinks. Here’s where you can enjoy that possibility guilt free this Thursday:

#5 Irish Embassy, 49 Yonge Street.

Serving overpriced pints and live music all day starting at 11am.

#4 The Brunswick House, 481 Bloor Street.

The call of nostalgia alone makes The Brunny a top destination. This is their last month in business. Say goodbye to a Toronto landmark.
Ticket required

#3 Dubin Calling, 250 Adelaide Street.

This just opened/re-located party pub is sure to be a hot spot. Don’t expect anything authentic, just a really good time.

#2 Polson Pier/Cabana, 20 Polson Street.

If you like your shamrocks blinged out, this is your spot. Happening in a massive tent, bikini clad bottle service is within the realm of possibility: DJs, bands, dancers, overall debauchery.
Ticket required

#1 Ceili Cottage, 1301 Queen Street East.

This is the real thing: Irish dancing, live music, authentic food and an outdoor tent that has its own name “The Marquee”. Leave work early to get into this one.

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