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Why buying weed on 10/17 will be a bad trip

The new Ontario government’s late decision to allow private cannabis retailers to sell weed legally starting in April, 2019 means that  “10/17” will be an online-only government affair.

You can legally buy weed starting October 17th

There are about 120 licensed cannabis producers in Canada, the Ontario Cannabis Store has enlisted 32 of them as suppliers. Most of these cannabis suppliers will be offering a variety of brands and strains, which will make for a buffet of online weed selection starting October 17, 2018.

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What type of weed should you buy?

Faced with a selection of new cannabis brands and strains you’ve never heard of, how will you distinguish between all the choices, let alone figure out which one will give you the desired effect you’re seeking?

buy weed legal October 17 toronto ontarioBuying weed from the government could be a similar experience to buying from a vending machine

Where’s the budtender?

The value add of going to a dispensary is the “budtender”.

A budtender takes the time to talk with you about the different strains, effects and dosages to help you find the weed that’s right for you. On October 17th you’re going to be buying weed from a government website that won’t include any aspects of the budtender experience.

buy weed from budtenderA budtender explains the difference between various brands and strains to a customer

Will The Ontario Cannabis Store know what to do?

The LCBO hasn’t exactly set the bar high for Ontario government customer experience.

Customers will inevitably buy weed from without understanding what the effects of that weed will be. So how will The OCS handle the customer service calls from customers having bad trips? “Please hold while we… (figure this out)”.


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