6 Gift Ideas for The Foodie

As connoisseurs of the interesting and the exceptional, the Toronto foodie is hard to impress and expectations are high.

Finding that perfect gift can be a daunting task.

Gifts you can buy right now for the foodie:

1. Craft Beer Guide. Every beer from every Ontario craft beer maker is rated on a five point scale to help the connoisseur navigate all that is Ontario beer, and discover some new gems.


2. Herb Kit. Foodies dread the site of a generic dried spice rack. They want their herbs fresh! This kit grows Parsley, Thyme, Cilantro, Lemon Basil, Dill, Oregano, Marjoram, Chives, Savory, Garlic Chives, Mustard and Sage.


3. Automatic Espresso. Nothing erks the foodie more than pre-packaged unfresh goods. With the push of a button, beans instantly grind, then brew for the freshest espresso possible. This assistant can also make a frothy cappuccino.


4. Toronto Colouring Book. Featuring 14 hand drawn illustrations of Toronto institutions like Dutch Dreams, St Lawrence Market and Sam James Coffee, this gift will get the Toronto enthusiast away from their digital world.

CraveTO Colouring Book

5. Cider Variety Pack. If the foodie’s palate doesn’t accept Brickworks’ new peach and cherry flavours, they can fall back on the flagship 1904 made with Ontario apples.


6. King Sized CubesToronto cocktail bars set one massive ice cube per glass. It decreases drink dilution, and will look cool in the foodie’s glass of merry cider. These silicone trays have six extra-large spots to create cubes no other home has.


What did you buy the foodie last year for Christmas? Let us know below.

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