Who is This Man Sean Roman???

How does, ass kicking street food, pristine locally crafted beer and funky smooth electronic music fit together under one outdoor roof?


For one, they are all Toronto born and bred – independent artists and creators that have pushed past the status quo to produce some of the most exciting concepts for your plate, glass and ears in recent history.


Sean Roman, who is a feature at #CraveTO this May 24th at Evergreen Brick Works, is the proverbial diamond in the Canadian rough” according to LAST.FM. Playing alongside other local turntable veterans DJ Sumation and Mike Gleeson, the Evergreen Brick Works pavilion will be lounge bumpin’ all evening long.


Sean himself is excited for the other creators “I love Busters Sea Cove, Seven Lives and I’m looking forward to trying out This Is How I Roll. I’ve heard many great things. As for beer, I’ve always been a huge fan of Amsterdam and Mill Street, but I’m down to try them all – to be honest”


Toronto DJ’s historically have to hit the international scene before being recognized in the 416, Sean is no exception with an almost cult like following abroad. Seriously, this man even spun with royalty!

prince sean

So when you’re indulging your palate in the best Toronto is serving up – don’t forget the tasty offerings for your eardrums.

Listen to Sean on SoundCloud

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