Evergreen Brick Works: Cinderella’s Urban Oasis

Ah, life in the city, surrounded by drab buildings and smog-filled skies, it can be hard to find beauty. If you’re not familiar with Evergreen Brick Works, it’s the city’s largest open-air venue and a world-renowned architectural marvel. The space is located at 550 Bayview Avenue in the Don River Valley. Surrounded by nature, the 27,000 square foot pavilion is the perfect outdoor space for CraveTO.


The Brick Works Fairytale

Once upon a time, the Don Valley Brick Works was just an old, crumbling, abandoned brick factory. With the help of some visionary minds, the space was transformed into a heritage location, environmental area and centre for green cities. It’s no wonder it was named one of the top ten destinations in the world for geotourism, yet many Torontonians have yet to visit the location. Did we mention its pavilion is the largest covered patio in Toronto? Yes, the space can hold 2,200 people and is covered in case of rain. Imagine eating amazing local street food and sipping cold craft beer on a massive green patio, have you met CraveTO?!

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