What Toronto Foodies Say About Charcoal Ice Cream

You are scrolling through Instagram when your thumb stops on a foodie’s photo.

toronto best ice cream queen street

“Charcoal ice cream?!”

You NEED to know more.

4 things to know about charcoal ice cream:

1. Is there really charcoal in it?

Pioneering Toronto shop Ihalo Krunch buys real charcoal in powder form at a “special health food store in the city” and infuses it into simple soft serve ice cream. On its own, active charcoal tastes chalky. However, when mixed with another flavour such as coconut or vanilla, the chalky taste becomes muted, and makes for a smooth tasting experience.

2. Could ice cream now be magically healthy?

Active charcoal is said to provide many health benefits such as teeth whitening, gas relief, and detoxification. While it’s not scientifically proven that eating charcoal ice cream produces the same effects, it is proven to turn your teeth and tongue black!

charcoal ice cream toronto iHalo Krunch


3. Is it worth the hype?

Many complain about the obnoxious lines, high price point, its quick melting messy nature and underwhelming flavour:

Ihalo Krunch Instagram

However, others have fallen for the new taste, beautiful aesthetic, and subtle not so sweet flavour:

4. Where to get your charcoal fix.

Ihalo Krunch opened on June 17, 2017 (across from Trinity Bellwoods Park at 915 Queen Street West) giving Toronto its first taste of charcoal and instantly Toronto’s hottest new food trend was born. Lineups for their black on black (charcoal ice cream served in their house made charcoal waffle cone $6.50) have been steady since.

Others businesses have quickly jumped on the trend adding their own touch:

Wooffles & Cream serves charcoal ice cream with sprinkles and an egg waffle skewer.

Millie Café offers a wide variety of charcoal desserts such as their Stardust Crepe Cake.

CutiePie Cupcakes offers charcoal dipped cones to go along with their vanilla or champagne-flavoured ice cream.

Light Café in Baldwin Village makes charcoal infused waffles topped with a house made black sesame sauce.

Bake Code in North York makes charcoal croissants filled with a variety of fillings such as Matcha, Thai Milk Tea, Roasted Milk Tea, and Earl Grey.

Is charcoal ice cream this summer’s must-try or is it a pass? 

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