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Travel, Eat, Share: Your Next Toronto Staycation

So we all want to drop everything and eat our way across a continent, right? Bucket lists are pleasant thoughts, but reality says “staycation” over “vacation” because there are a ton of things getting in our way: Lack of vacation days, lack of funds, lack of a travel buddy. Let us introduce you to a food truck that makes foodie adventures the focus of their business.

During the winter months when the food truck industry hibernates, the Me.n.u food truck team heads for Asia, seeking flavours of the continent to bring back to Toronto food truck fans.

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“The concept of ‘travel, eat, share’ is what we live by,” says Joe (above), who joined co-founders Brian and Allen on their travels this year. “We’re all in this hub in the city and we’re all just yearning to escape. We want to bring things to Torontonians that they wouldn’t normally see.”

Amongst their discoveries this year was Filipino adobo, a pork dish simmered in a tangy garlic marinade, which you can now find on their menu. You can also sample Korean, Thai, Malaysian and Taiwanese dishes.

adobo“Adobo” a Filipino pork dish

“We visited night markets, monuments, biked up the mountains, we saw little monkeys in the Philippines. It’s not just eating, it’s the whole experience.

The experience that keeps you coming back

Joe says customers are friends, not just hungry passersby. “We address people by their names; we make sure that you’re wowed by the whole experience. We just embrace food, people, music, everything. We’re just a happy bunch.” (1)Me.n.u food truck does more than serve food

Me.n.u will showcase at Food Truck Festival Ontario for their third consecutive year, and this year they plan to sneak in a secret menu item.  “That’s how we can win the Golden Fork trophy!” Joe says.

Your September 18th Staycation

Travel to Downsview Park, meet Joe, Brian and/or Allen, eat their food, share your experience and see other staycationers experience using #FTFO. Get your staycation ticket here.

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