Like food trucks? there’s a festival for that!

With the rapid expansion of Food Trucks popping up in your city,  how do you find the most delicious ones?

Food Trucks are always on the move, and it is known to take real effort to find them. You can scour the alleyways and roam the streets with twitter in hand trying to find a truck that will deliver new satisfaction to your taste buds, but wouldn’t it be great to find the best ones all in one spot?


This September Toronto will host a festival showcasing our Province’s most mouthgasmic food truck creations all in one spot! Shining creations not to be missed include :

Mac N Cheese Balls by The Food Dudes

mac n cheese balls FoodDudes

Reese Where’s My Spoon Split  by Hollywood Cone

banana split

Moroccan Basa by Curbalicious 

Moroccan Basa

The Works by Beavertails 


Bacon Cheeseburger Poutine by Smokes

baconcheeburger poutine

Shrimp Clam Fettucine by Frankie Fettucine

Frankie fett shrim clam dish

Five Spice Steam Bun Taco by Luchador Streatery


Meatballer by We Got Balls

MeatballSandwhich (2)

Chicken Sabaya by Kal and Mooy


Pulled Pork Nachos by Southern Smoke

Pulled pork nachos

Asian Fried Rice Balls by ME.N.U

Asian fried rice balls

With the promise of “mouthgasms”, this inaugural one day festival is a responsive anser to finding all the wild and innovative food truck creators in one spot. Stay on top of festival developments at  

FTFO_Logo2 (2)