5 Must-Try Summer Cocktails

There are few things more pleasing than sipping an ice-cold taste-filled summer beverage.

But don’t get caught sipping last year’s drinks, new cocktail programs at many Toronto bars and restaurants are on the cutting edge of mixology, and their new creations are ready to be tested.

Get started on your summer cocktail adventure to find your new summer drink!

Top 5 Cocktails of Summer

#5 Tame Impala: Track and Field, 860 College Street.


This tequila based drink is served on tap.  Featuring cucumber, lime, ginger beer and chai tea, it will power you through rounds of bocce ball and/or dance floor shenanigans.


#4 The Repo Man: Parts and Labour, 1566 Queen Street West.

Ease your mind after a busy day with this imaginative summer cocktail featuring tequila, vermouth, Aperol, ginger, lemon, and black tea wormwood bitters.


#3 Mint Stroman: Make your own.

This Marcus Stroman approved bourbon cocktail served at May’s CraveTO event was a refreshing way to kick off summer for many.MarcusStromanInsta

Garnished with a fresh sprig of mint, it was the popular companion to the gorgeous skyline view.

Get yourself a proper cocktail shaker, and play mixologist to re-create Mint Stroman:

  • Pour 2oz bourbon, 2oz lemonade, 1oz blueberry syrup and a handful of ice into shaker
  • Shake for 10 seconds
  • Strain into highball glass half filled with ice and garnish with sprig of fresh mint and fresh blueberries


#2 Open Windows: El Rey, 2A Kensington Ave.

This newly opened Kensington Market bar highlights the smokey mezcal (tequila is a type of mezcal) liquor. “Open Windows” also features tequila, lime, pineapple gomme, chili, celery, and Mexican spices. The spicy and smokey flavours are cooled down by the pineapple flavour and cucumber garnish, best enjoyed on their patio.


#1 Royal Oak: Northwood, 815 Bloor Street.


A strong, yet summery bourbon cocktail made with Italian aperitifs and fresh grapefruit. Enjoy this slow sipper on their patio.

Whether you’re playing mixologist with your new cocktail kit, or enjoying drinks with friends, let us know with #CraveTO

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