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6 Places for Charcoal Desserts in Toronto

Strangely, charcoal has become summer’s hottest food trend in Toronto.

Pioneer shop iHalo Krunch opened in June and instantly became a destination for their now famous charcoal ice cream and house-made charcoal waffle cones.

Lineups at Ihalo Krunch Charcoal Ice cream

Toronto foodies can’t get enough of captivating black desserts! Instagram Photo: @munchkyin

Many restauranteurs have since jumped on the trend, leading to a new wave of innovative and unique charcoal desserts.

6 places to get your charcoal fix:

  1. Millie Desserts: All Locations
Charcoal “Stardust Crepe Cake at Millie Desserts

Millie’s Stardust Crepe Cake. Instagram Photo: @millie.desserts

Millie didn’t just create a new dessert, they created an entire collection of charcoal desserts! Try charcoal infused crepe cake, milkshake, or parfait.

2. CutiePie Cupcakes: 235 Spadina Avenue #2, 416-593-9323

Charcoal and Black Sesame cupcake at CutiePie Cupcakes

Charcoal Cupcake at CutiePie Cupcakes. Instagram Photo: @cutiepiecupcakes_to

Known for their outrageous unicorn lattes, CutiePie has boarded the charcoal hype train with a charcoal and sesame cupcake!

3. Bake Code: 4910 Yonge Street, 647- 346-3888

charcoal croissant variations at Bake Code: Matcha, Thai Milk Tea, Roasted Milk Tea, and Earl Grey

Bake Code’s Charcoal Custard Croissants. Instagram Photo: @bakecode

Start your day off in North York with a charcoal custard croissant filled with Matcha, Thai Milk Tea, Roasted Milk Tea, or Earl Grey.

4. Wooffles & Cream: 8360 Kennedy Road #81, 647- 281-0487

Charcoal Vanilla and Black Swirl ice cream served with an egg waffle at Wooffles & Cream

Wooffles & Cream’s Charcoal Vanilla and Black Swirl Soft Serve. Instagram Photo: @woofflesandcream

Specializing in Hong Kong styled egg waffles, Wooffles & Cream’s newest addition is a vanilla charcoal soft serve that pairs heavenly with their egg waffle.

 5. Light Café: 23 Baldwin Street, 647-347-3883

heart shaped Charcoal Black Sesame Waffles at Light Café

Light Café’s Charcoal Black Sesame Waffle. Instagram Photo: @lightcafe

You can brunch on charcoal black sesame waffles topped with a house made black sesame sauce at this Taiwanese cafe.

6. Canadian National Exhibition: 210 Princes’ Boulevard, 416-263-3800

the black velvet funnel cake and charcoal soft serve at Bacon Nation at the CNE Food Building

Black Velvet Funnel Cake at The CNE Food Building. Instagram Photo: @torontoeatings

Vendors at the CNE Food Building are known for innovative and whacky food creations. The black velvet funnel cake from the Bacon Nation booth served with charcoal soft serve is no exception.

Which charcoal dessert do you most want to try?