Becoming a Foodie

Seems that each week, a new friend becomes a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’. Talking about the latest greatest food creation or restaurant.

They romance the idea of culinary adventure, making deep fried squid ink infused beef cheek ravioli topped with currywurst sound irresistible. Tagging along with this friend to a new resto gets expensive when you add in a $14 craft cocktail, tax and tip. So how to explore new cuisine without committing a full evening and a $100 credit card transaction to something you’re not sure you will enjoy?


Because of the lesser amount of time and money required to indulge in food truck offerings, they offer a practical and economical way to explore different dishes and new tastes. Authenticity and creativity at an affordable price is what they offer. Menus are not as extensive as a restaurant’s, but when you bring 31 trucks together, as there will be at Food Truck Fest Ontario, the options for new tastes becomes endless!


naanTdot’s  Naansense’s Chipotle Chicken (diced tomatoes, cilantro, chipotle sour cream drizzle, garlic naan)


wickedCowboyX-poutineWickedly Sinful’s: CowboyX Poutine (steak, bacon, deep fried maple cookie, fried egg, hot sauce)


Asian fried rice ballsMe.n.u.’s Angry Birds (deep fried riceballs stuffed with singaporean chicken, caramelized onion, shitaki mushrooms and mozzarella, dressed with spicy pineapple relish and hoisin sauce)


SMOKED CHICKEN WINGSFit to Grill’s Crispy Smoked Chicken Wings

Maybe the culinary adventure of a food truck festival will turn you into a foodie, maybe it won’t, either way you’re going to have fun eating your way into a food coma at an affordable price, as all trucks will have $6 sample menus! Grab your ticket to Food Truck Festival Ontario 2015 here.