Your Daily Cure to The Workweek’s 5 Stages

Two days of friends and fun per week. Can we please petition for the 3-day weekend? (Not that work is bad; I love my job – Hi boss!).

The concept of the weekend ending can be upsetting to accept. Like other challenges in life, it is normal to go through a certain grieving process when facing the upcoming work week.

Our way of dealing with workday hurdles is to indulge in a daily treat to get over them. Go ahead, lick the wrapper, we won’t look;)

MONDAY: Denial.

“The weekend isn’t over. The weekend isn’t over. The weekend isn’t ov-DARN IT.” As you pull yourself from those pleasant weekend memories and shuffle along to reality, there may be a number of feelings swirling inside of you: shock, numbness, disbelief. Well that my fellow worker is called “denial.” That meeting coming up at 10 am? It’s… real. How does one deal with the agonizing thought of: “I can’t believe I have to set my alarm for 4 more days.”

Monday’s Solution:  The Rolling Pin – Cherry Pie Donut.

Rollingpin 2

One word: Comfort. Everything is going to be okay, because this creation will lull you back into a calm state. Snuggle up to the pie donut, and put your case of the Mondays behind you.


“4 more days? There are still 4 more days until the weekend?” A natural emotion that follows these  thoughts: Anger.

Anger can present itself in a variety of ways: at yourself, your work, your computer, or that coffee that so rudely spilled itself. It is important to channel that anger and express it in different ways. Instead of throwing your stapler at the new guy who keeps making mistakes, try finding inner peace. And by inner peace, I mean indulging…

Tuesday’s Solution: Seven Lives Paleteria – Watermelon Paleta.


Tuesday is like a heavy weight at the gym that you totally thought you could lift, but ah, no such luck. A good counterbalance? A light Mexican popsicle made with fresh fruit from Seven Lives new dessert spot.

These sweet treats are the perfect remedy for the heavy bearings that Tuesday brings. Grab one to go, stroll through Kensington Market, and allow the fresh air to send you into a calm state. Tuesday handled? Check.

WEDNESDAY: Bargaining.

It’s Humpday- Congrats on making it halfway! However, initial happiness can trickle away when thoughts of the rest of the workweek creep in: “If only I had stayed a little later on Monday, maybe I could leave early today,” “if only I had made time to see a friend, perhaps the joys of our conversation could’ve tied me over.”

Self-bargaining is a normal step in the workweek process, we look back on things we coulda’, shoulda’, woulda’ done, then sulk. But don’t fret, you’ve completed 2 days of your work week! Time to take a break, hang with a friend, and of course, enjoy a treat.

Wednesday’s Solution: The Red Bench – Ice Cream Sandwich.


Remember that satisfying feeling of unwrapping an ice cream sandwich when you were a kid? You could usually scarf back more than one (ok, 3 shhh) in a single sitting.

Well, these ice cream sandwiches are considerably bigger and will require some commitment. Treat yourself to an outing with a friend to craft your own creation. Choose the 2 cookies that will serve as the pillars to your creation, then the type of ice cream and sprinkles. Now, a delicacy like this deserves to be shared with others… on social media.

THURSDAY: Hopelessness.

Ah Thursday, so close to feeling the warm embrace of the weekend. Hold on, “I still have to make it through 2 days?!” “Hasn’t it been like 5 weeks since the weekend was last here?!” During Thursday it is easy to fall into a state of hopelessness. Since the past 3 days have gone by so slowly, why would it be different for the last 2? Snap out of it. You’ve got 16 hours of work left to go, and one solution.

Thursday’s Solution: Gusto 101 – Wine by the ounce.

Gusto101_45 (2)

Dining at a restaurant is incredible. You have all the power of telling someone what you want and them bringing it right to you. This restaurant adds a difficult task, and I mean difficult: They ask you to specify exactly how many ounces of wine you want in your glass. When it is $1 per ounce you have some thinking to do here… But no worries, you’re doing the thinking on a rooftop patio.

FRIDAY: Acceptance.

You. Have. Almost. Made. It. The weekend is almost here, 4 days have gone by and now 1 stands in your way. Those dark thoughts have long left your mind and all that’s left is the final countdown.

You’ve reached a level of acceptance that comes with the struggles of the workweek, realizing that the weekend will come again. You have faced your weekly struggles head on (right?), and for that you deserve the world. Or at least a proper night out.

Friday’s Solution: CraveTO on Queen Street.

Since it’s Friday, you need more than one treat, right? You also need a night with your friends, beautiful strangers and sexy beats.

CraveTO2016_finalfront (2)

You will have 14 different Toronto food and craft drink creators to choose from: Maybe some crispy Korean fried chicken from Kaboom with a cold IPA from Nickel Brook? Or a freshly filled cannoli with Jon Montgomery’s Golden Ryed Ale? Whatever you decide, experience that slow exhale of relief as you look around, feel a DJ beat, and embrace that weekend feel.  Work week complete.

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