5 Toronto Artists for You to Discover

Toronto’s most iconic food institutions drawn by a Toronto Artist are featured in our new colouring book, so who better to invite (other than you of course!) to the launch event than other kick-ass Toronto Artists?

ColourArt2Resurfaced overlays photos onto wood and metal surfaces

Finding unique local art is challenging because how do you even discover new artists? Not to mention tracking down their work.

aveLAPTOP 2Ave Mariabell designs minimalist Toronto skyline decals for laptops, phones and walls

 Toronto artists will showcase new Toronto themed work for you to browse and even take home at Wednesday’s free colouring book launch event!

Art-ChristopherChristopher Rouleau hand draws custom letters to create stunning Toronto area maps

Maybe a Toronto skyline decal for your laptop? A set of Toronto landscape coasters for you table? A Jays game overlaid on a sheet of wood for your wall? You will have access to all of these and other unique Toronto pieces.

ColourArt3Daily City Train coasters feature Toronto photos on ceramic tile

 Much like the food establishments featured in the new colouring book, these artists are shaping Toronto culture. You will be able to see what’s new and inspiring in Toronto art for yourself this Wednesday.

ArtCaseyCasey O’Neill paintings explode with Toronto colours

 Food, drinks, friends, colouring and now shopping will all be yours- Get your ticket here.

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