Tacos are Dead, Try these Instead

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but Toronto’s taco party has come to an end.

While we still love the endless possibilities of Toronto’s Taquerias, places like the Anthony Bourdain praised Agave Y Aguacate have closed, the line at Grand Electric has disappeared and Playa Cabana’s new venture was empty on a recent Friday night.

Toronto’s craving for tacos is currently satisfied.

What could follow the great taco craze?

Could it be the sweet n’ spicy empanada? Or perhaps the gluten-free arepa?

Don’t think too hard, the answer is simple as… the sandwich.

Sandwiches? Really?

Yes. Really. But no, not a simple back-to-basics ham and cheese renaissance.

ChefRobChef Rob Bragagnolo puts the final touches on a roast chicken focaccia  

Toronto Chefs have changed the sandwich

Toronto chefs are using the sandwich as a canvas to change what you think a sandwich should be.

Specialized sandwich spots including La Cubana, Flock, Rashers, Caplansky’s and Porchetta & Co have all recently expanded anticipating new demand.

Exciting new sandwich spots are also popping up, and worth the visit.

4 best new Toronto sandwich shops:

4. Torteria San Cosme, 181 Baldwin Street.

SanCosThe massive Yucatan pulled pork sandwich – $10.50

There’s no better symbol for the end of the taco craze than at this Kensington Market Torteria. Why? Because it’s a Mexican restaurant that only sells sandwiches. No Tortillas, just traditional Mexican street style sandwiches. Options include:  Smoked ham, pulled pork, steak, mole chicken and sides like corn on the cob with lime, crema, cheese and chilis.

3. Carver, 101 Peter Street.


Chef Rob Braganolo (Marben) does two roasted meats: porchetta and chicken. The focus is on using quality ingredients on par with high-end restaurants, but in a fast food format and price. Don’t expect to sit down; there are stand up tables for a quick bite, but most take a fluffy focaccia sandwich to go.

2. Fresh Off The Boat 404 Queen Street West.

FOBFresh and crispy whole softshell crab sandwich – $16

While this seafood sandwich shop will satisfy your craving for classics like lobster rolls and softshell crab sandwiches, they are attracting regulars with The FOB which features battered catfish, kimchi, and chili aioli on a baguette. The clever Asian twist on classic seafood makes this place a Queen West must try.

1. Brock Sandwich, 1260 Bloor Street.  


The lineup of sandwiches includes fan favourites like the chicken piri piri, and the new must-try shrimp and squid po boys. This tiny Bloordale spot also features vegan options including a crispy fennel sandwich as well as constantly changing specials such as a Mexican steak sandwich (shown in lead image).

Pick a sandwich shop, and be ready to re-imagine what you think a sandwich should be. Tag your photos #CraveTO so we can like them! 

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