Where to Find TV Show Winning Donuts

You know your donuts rock when you win a TV baking competition.

That is exactly what happened with two friends, who prior to entering the Food Network’s Donut Showdown, had never baked donuts before!

Owners of Rolling Pin DonughtsThe Rolling Pin owners Isabel Loiacono and Vanessa Baudanza

After winning the showdown, where they discovered their love for baking donuts, they knew this is what they wanted to do and setup shop.

Upon entering The Rolling Pin, the sweet scent of freshly baked deserts immediately hits your nose. You know that saying, ‘it smells better than it tastes?’  Well that doesn’t apply here, one bite into a donut and you will know why.

The Rolling Pin Yonge Street

So what are their donut secrets?

“Our doughs are homemade – made from scratch; they’re handrolled and we don’t use any machines. All the fillings and different types of donuts we make are dipped, stuffed, popped and injected,” says Isabel. As a foodie who doesn’t understand that process, all I can say is- TAKE MY MONEY!

What to order at The Rolling Pin?

Your sweet cravings have MANY options: Cherry Pie (shown in the lead picture), Lemon Bomb and Chocolate Salted Caramel are highlights.

They also have “Chef Specials”, which are one-off products. They feature a special ingredient, usually inspired from local artisans that Isabel and Vanessa admire. They once created a Strawberry Funnelcake Donut, and they collaborated with Great Lakes Brewery to create Super Bowl 50– a donut made with the Toronto brewery’s beer.

Gourmet Lemon Doughnuts“Lemon Bomb” Donuts

What sweet treats does the future hold?

The Rolling Pin ladies will continue to provide new ways to satisfy your sweet cravings, as more local collaborations are in the works.

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