Top 5 Vegan Food Trucks in Toronto

We know, vegans are tired of being left out, questioning the server about ingredients, and waiting in line only to find out it’s not really vegan…the horrors!

When considering vegan dining options, food trucks may not first spring to mind. But that’s where things are changing. You can find tantalizing Indian fusion, sweet Euro treats and satisfying Asian delicacies on the streets of Toronto.

Top 5 Food Trucks Serving Vegan Food

1. The Vegan Extremist

vegan food truck toronto

The all vegan menu is inspired and influenced by Eastern cuisine. The Indian Chickpea curry, (pictured above) is the truck’s most popular dish. Their “No Butter, No Chicken” curry is pretty delicious too.

2. Tdot’s Naansense

naansense toronto food truck

You won’t regret trying the vegan wrap at this Indian fusion truck: Warm-from-the-stove naan topped with fresh veggies, fried onions and chipotle aioli.

3. The Spicy Ethiopian

spicy ethiopian food truck

Try the vegan plate full of “stews” from this just launched truck: Lentil stew, split pea stew, beetroot stew, spinach stew, cabbage, side of traditional injera bread or rice.

  1. Chimney Stax


These fresh, made on the spot rotisserie-baked breads are 100% vegan.

  1. My Sticky Rice

my sticky rice food truck

Start with their “Veggie Fresh Rolls” then move onto their signature and classical Thai dessert (pictured above) for an ultra fresh and sweet finish.

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