Where to launch patio season North of Bloor

If you’re out for a walk in Bracondale and veer south to Christie Street and Benson, you’ll find a space that doesn’t quite fit the surrounding dowdy buildings.wychwoodsand

From streetcar warehouse to green artscape, Artscape Wychwood Barns is a mosaic of green culture. With a capacity of 2000 patrons, an indoor street with skylights and a park of international gardens, might this be the ultimate space to launch patio season?

wychwood green

The industrial building boasts 2 storey high brick structures, workspaces for community artists, a public green space, a greenhouse, a farmers market, and  even a beach volleyball court!  The transformation from the city’s first streetcar maintenance facility into the space it is today is an honest testament to Toronto’s changing values and culture.

After the harshest Winter in recent memory, it might now be time to forget and forgive mother nature as she starts to warm our senses. Outdoor aromas of street food and the taste of a Spring Bock under the sun is not far off…

Launch patio season and ignite your senses with Toronto street food, craft beer and DJs  Friday May 30th