Chimney stax food truck

Food Truck Spotlight: Chimney Stax

When you first hear “Chimney Stax”, an old chimney blowing smoke out its top on a cold winter night may come to mind.

Matthew Lindzon and Zach Fiksel have changed those perceptions amongst Toronto foodies since launching their rotisserie baked bread food truck “Chimney Stax” in September 2014. 

Sweet StaxThink of a lighter Beaver Tail that is baked on the spot (in their truck) for ultra freshness

First introduced in Hungary 700 years ago, these snacks are so popular in Eastern Europe that owners Matt and Zach say “it’s ubiquitous, they’re like hot dog stands in Toronto, they’re everywhere!”

MattZackOwners Matt and Zach describe Chimney Stax as a “Rotisserie, baked treat”

Order your stax sweet or savoury

Going sweet brings your stax coated in sugar, cinnamon and/or Oreo crumble. They are always experimenting with new coatings and toppings such as a graham cracker dusting with a marshmallow fluff dip for a s’mores experience.

Going savoury brings your stax stuffed with meat like pulled pork and/or veggies- caprese salad is a top seller.

Chimney Stax sandwichCaprese Stax

Uncoil one for yourself, and you will feel like a kid indulging in a new treat for the first time.