5 most Interesting Food Trucks in Ontario

5. Burgatory, Toronto:


Serving up sinful-themed burgers, Burgatory will satisfy your stomach’s most wicked guilty pleasures. Controversial for some at first glance, the only religious affiliation this truck has is to its worship of divine burgers. Feel the hellish fury of their signature “Wrath Burger”, crowned with pickled jalapeño, jalapeño havarti and hell sauce on a Brioche bun- a little taste of heaven on earth if you ask me.

4. Bacon Nation, Toronto:


When “Go PIG or Go HOME” is your truck’s slogan, there can only be one rule: BACON and MORE BACON!! This funky truck has found a way to baconise every dish imaginable. From Bacon wrapped Mars bars to Bacon Tacos Bacon Nation will bring your wildest bacon filled dreams to life!

3. Lunch, Ottawa:


This truck is truly a one-of-a-kind. The entire truck was hand painted head to wheel. With the custom paint job, comes custom dishes of eco friendly local food. See their menu for yourself and watch freelance Artist Luke Norrad   bring this voyaging beauty to life.

2. Nazca, Toronto:


Nazca is the first Peruvian food truck to hit Canada. Just in case their rotating menu of weekly new dishes doesn’t keep their customers singing and dancing, Nazca is known to offer live music and Karaoke-  Yes,  DANCING and KARAOKE!! Your chance to burn off some of the Peruvian calories.

1. Luchador, Waterloo:


This authentically cooky looking truck will have your taste buds bouncing off the ropes! And if you don’t like that, you can take it up with a Luchedorian mask wearing Chef. The Luchedorian mask and Lucha Libre wrestling have historical significances to Mexico that date back to the days of the Aztecs. Each mask signifies a wrestler’s identity; taking on the persona of animals, gods, heroes and other archetypes. In this case, they take on the persona of Mexican–fused chefs! Grab a picture with Chef Libre along with your “Tequila and Lime Shrimp Taco” for the full Luchador experience.

If you’re intrigued by food truck culture, check out Food Truck Fest Ontario, which promises to showcase the most “mouthgasmic” food truck creations Ontario has to offer September 21, 2014.