7 Steps to Becoming a Food Festival Master

30 of Ontario’s most mouthgasmic food trucks are gathering for one day of yum in September.

We know, 30 is a lot of options. And really good options, too: Do you want the renowned crab cakes from Naansense or the new smoked chicken wontons from Dirty South? A make your own  Bake Three Fifty ice cream sammie or a pimped-out Funnel Cake Express?

golden fork food truck food

FOMO is inevitable, because you can’t try everything… or maybe, just maybe… YOU CAN.

You’ve got one day to catch ’em all

Even seasoned foodies with stretchy pants have failed to capture all the tastes of Food Truck Festival Ontario, but with your team in tow, and exclusive $6 menus, it is possible to catch ’em all!



7 steps to becoming a food festival master:

1. Assemble team foodie.

It is desirable you trust the tastes of each team member. Will they make a winning choice when faced with an extensive menu? Is it possible they could have a snaccident?



2. Plan your attack.

Which trucks will your team search out first? Second? Third? Will there be themed rounds- Asian? Sweet? Savoury? Vegan? Your options are endless, have fun with it!


3. Divide.

Each team member goes to catch a taste- Go!


4. Conquer.

Catch your taste. It doesn’t have to be finger-food-Think Lady and the Tramp-style sharing. Resist the temptation to taste your catch on the walk back to your team.

5. Re-group

Talk about your catches, take pictures of your catches, share your catches- you’re team foodie!


6. Next round.

Repeat steps 3-5 until you’ve caught all 30.

WARNING: After round 4 it is common to lose a team member to a food coma. Deal with this by slapping them lightly on the belly.

7. Vote.

Each team member gets one vote to cast for their favourite food truck, which helps decide the winner of the prestigious Golden Fork Trophy.

WARNING: Team foodie discussions can escalate, and the team could divide. This is normal foodstar antics. For the love of food, don’t go bacon up team foodie.

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