Top 5 Food Festivals of Summer 2016

It’s the season you’ve been waiting for- festival season!

Now that the sun is pouring every day, it’s time to plan your season. But with so many festivals, which ones are worth it?

5. The Stop Night Market: June 14-15, 181 Sterling Road.


Going into its 5th year, ticket prices have doubled to $100 a pop since its inaugural year. A gravel parking lot gets turned into a weeknight food and drink wonderland. Unlimited consumption from pop-up booths like Enoteca Sociale, Dailo, Branca, Muskoka Brewery, Norman Hardy and Aviation Gin included. Book the next day off to nurse your food coma and hangover.

4. Taste of Toronto: June 23-26, Fort York.

tastetoabout_us Coming to Toronto for the third time to gather the local restaurant community in one place. Taste does this in 16 international cities. At $23.15 just for entry (no food included), it goes beyond eating with classes and demonstrations for your inner chef. Less restaurants on hand this year, with just 21 restaurants participating.

3. Taste of The Danforth: August 5-7, Danforth Ave.

taste of the danforth Claiming to be Canada’s biggest street festival, be prepared for an ocean of people and snaking lineups. For over 20 years they turn Danforth Ave becomes a smoky lamb spit. Your hands will get greasy, and it’s worth it.

2. T & T Waterfront Night Market: July 22-24, 185 Cherry Street.

tt Experience a full-on Asian outdoor night market – aromas of stinky tofu and rotting garbage included. Try all the specialty Asian dishes you’re afraid to order at a restaurant because you’re not sure what will arrive. All your senses will be stimulated as the food cooks before your eyes.

1. Food Truck Festival Ontario: September 18, Downsview Park.

l2Eat like a Foodstar for one fun filled day. Over 30 Ontario food trucks gather to offer sample menu items for $6 or less. Divide, conquer, sample, then cast your vote for the Golden Fork Trophy.

Which Summer Food Festival is Your Favourite?