New Summer Treats Shop in Kensington Market

Toronto’s top taco shop has just kicked off summer in the best possible way.


Serving up new twists on classic Mexican and Californian frozen treats, Seven Lives Paleteria might be your new stop on a sunny day.

Forget the chocolate covered, cookie crusted, marshmallow topped ice cream you’ve come to love, and welcome fresh fruit with sweet and sour flavour combinations.

Owner Sean Riehl excitedly tells us about his “Mangonadas”. They combine mango soft serve with a fruity, sweet, sour and spicy syrup topped with a tamarind straw for a one-of-a-kind flavour.


       A “Mangonada” ($5) one of the many frozen treats at Seven Lives Paleteria

There is also a wide selection of paletas (Mexican style popsicles), perfect to accompany you on a stroll through Kensington Market. Located at 72 Kensington Ave across the street from Seven Lives Tacos. Hours: Noon-10pm.


Be the first of your friends to taste these frozen creations and let us know your thoughts below.