Meet 3 New Toronto Food Trucks

Where do you find new food truck eats? U of T? The financial district? Not Nathan Phillips Square again!!

We have discovered 3 new food trucks with wild, never-been-done-before menus. And they’ve already hit the streets of Toronto:

1. I Love LasagnaItalian Eats.


“Lasagna – you can do it in so many different ways. We’ve done a lamb lasagna, we’re even trying a taco lasagna!” says owner Efisia.

Try classic beef ($10), veggie ($10) or wild boar ($12) lasagna served with a side of focaccia bread.

Craving dessert? Add a cannoli for $2.

Checkout their food on Instagram– warning: You will get hungry.

2. Delight Bite: Mexican Eats.


Add a side of their mouthgasmic cheese fries ($4) with your $8 Mexican comfort food selection: Burrito, quesadilla, tacos or salad for a full-y satisfying meal.  Find location updates on their Facebook.

3. Arepa Republic: Venezuelan Eats.


Arepa! Straight out of Venezuela, owner Luis curates a gluten-free, traditional variety of arepas (shown in lead picture: corn-based flatbread with choice of chicken, fish, beef or pork topped with avocado, black beans, cheese and sweet plantain) using his flat-grill starting at $10.

“We are going to bring a new signature dish from my country to the menu – instead of bread, plantain is used.” Says owner Luis (shown in picture).

Which new food truck do you most want to try? Let us know below!