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6 Places for Charcoal Desserts in Toronto

Strangely, the hottest food trend in Toronto this summer has been charcoal.

Trend starters iHalo Krunch opened in June and instantly became a destination for their now famous charcoal ice cream and house-made charcoal waffle cones.

Lineups at Ihalo Krunch Charcoal Ice cream

Toronto foodies can’t get enough of captivating black desserts. Instagram Photo: @munchkyin

Many restauranteurs have since jumped on the trend, leading to a new wave of innovative and unique charcoal desserts.

6 places for your charcoal fix:

  1. Millie Desserts: All Locations

Charcoal “Stardust Crepe Cake at Millie Desserts

Stardust Crepe Cake at Millie’s. Instagram Photo: @millie.desserts

Millie didn’t just create a new dessert, they created an entire collection of charcoal desserts! Try charcoal infused crepe cake, milkshake, or parfait.

2. CutiePie Cupcakes: 235 Spadina Avenue #2, 416-593-9323

Charcoal and Black Sesame cupcake at CutiePie Cupcakes

Charcoal Cupcake at CutiePie Cupcakes. Instagram Photo: @cutiepiecupcakes_to

Known for their outrageous unicorn lattes, CutiePie has boarded the charcoal hype train with a charcoal and sesame cupcake!

3. Bake Code: 4910 Yonge Street, 647- 346-3888

charcoal croissant variations at Bake Code: Matcha, Thai Milk Tea, Roasted Milk Tea, and Earl Grey

Charcoal Custard Croissants at Bake Code. Instagram Photo: @bakecode

Start your day off in North York with a charcoal custard croissant filled with Matcha, Thai Milk Tea, Roasted Milk Tea, or Earl Grey.

4. Wooffles & Cream: 8360 Kennedy Road #81, 647- 281-0487

Charcoal Vanilla and Black Swirl ice cream served with an egg waffle at Wooffles & Cream

Charcoal Vanilla and Black Swirl Soft Serve at Woofles & Cream. Instagram Photo: @woofflesandcream

Specializing in Hong Kong styled egg waffles, Wooffles & Cream’s newest addition is a vanilla charcoal soft serve that pairs heavenly with their egg waffle.

 5. Light Café: 23 Baldwin Street, 647-347-3883

heart shaped Charcoal Black Sesame Waffles at Light Café

Charcoal Black Sesame Waffle at Light Cafe. Instagram Photo: @lightcafe

You can brunch on charcoal black sesame waffles topped with a house made black sesame sauce at this Taiwanese cafe.

6. Canadian National Exhibition: 210 Princes’ Boulevard, 416-263-3800

the black velvet funnel cake and charcoal soft serve at Bacon Nation at the CNE Food Building

Black Velvet Funnel Cake at The CNE Food Building. Instagram Photo: @torontoeatings

Vendors at the CNE Food Building are known for innovative and whacky food creations. The black velvet funnel cake from the Bacon Nation booth served with charcoal soft serve is no exception.

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6 Gift Ideas for The Foodie

As connoisseurs of the interesting and the exceptional, the Toronto foodie is hard to impress and expectations are high.

Finding that perfect gift can be a daunting task.

Gifts you can buy right now for the foodie:

1. Craft Beer Guide. Every beer from every Ontario craft beer maker is rated on a five point scale to help the connoisseur navigate all that is Ontario beer, and discover some new gems.


2. Herb Kit. Foodies dread the site of a generic dried spice rack. They want their herbs fresh! This kit grows Parsley, Thyme, Cilantro, Lemon Basil, Dill, Oregano, Marjoram, Chives, Savory, Garlic Chives, Mustard and Sage.


3. Automatic Espresso. Nothing erks the foodie more than pre-packaged unfresh goods. With the push of a button, beans instantly grind, then brew for the freshest espresso possible. This assistant can also make a frothy cappuccino.


4. Toronto Colouring Book. Featuring 14 hand drawn illustrations of Toronto institutions like Dutch Dreams, St Lawrence Market and Sam James Coffee, this gift will get the Toronto enthusiast away from their digital world.

CraveTO Colouring Book

5. Cider Variety Pack. If the foodie’s palate doesn’t accept Brickworks’ new peach and cherry flavours, they can fall back on the flagship 1904 made with Ontario apples.


6. King Sized CubesToronto cocktail bars set one massive ice cube per glass. It decreases drink dilution, and will look cool in the foodie’s glass of merry cider. These silicone trays have six extra-large spots to create cubes no other home has.


What did you buy the foodie last year for Christmas? Let us know below.

10 Must Try Tastes of Summer

Summer is finally here.

There would be nothing worse than not seizing the limited number of summer days, and missing out on what makes summer your favourite season.

To help you seize the days, we found the top 10 tastes to make your Toronto summer the best one yet.

#10 Nitro cold brew coffee


It’s cold brew coffee but better. Infusing coffee with nitrogen gives it a silky creamy feel similar to Guiness. Get the refreshing new boost you need on a hot day at Crafted or Balzac’s.


#9 Japanese shaved ice


A light option when you aren’t up for ice cream. Get it at Tsujiri or Sugar Marmalade.


#8 Fight of fresh Toronto beers


Try Muddy York , Left Field, Great Lakes and Rainhard brews all in one sitting on the patio or AC at Liberty Village’s Craft Brasserie.


#7 Paleta


Mexican popsicles are putting Kensington Market on the foodie map! Try them at Paleteria or Wrestlers.


#6 Re-imagined Gelato


Death in Venice offers flavours that will floor you: Thai peanut soy fish, ricotta rosemary lemon and pistachio baklava are highlights.


#5 Cold cider



If 2016 is truly the summer of cider, there are a few you’ll want to sip on this summer. Her Father’s and Bar Begonia have the most impressive selections.


#4 Mezcal cocktail


Choose from 4 different mezcal (tequila is a type of mezcal) cocktails at the newly opened El Rey in Kensington Market. The patio is sure to be filled most of the summer.


#3 Gourmet sandwich


Sandwich spots are popping up like beautiful tulips. Try Teara Lab for a Japanese fusion sandwich or San Cosme for a massive Mexican sandwich.


#2 Thai rolled ice cream


Thai rolled ice cream? We were confused too. Lighter and fresher than regular ice cream, this stuff is delicious and watching it being made is just as fun as eating it! Newly opened Arctic Bites has it.


#1 Poke


This new food trend took the US by storm last year and its hit Toronto. Raw seafood marinated with Hawaiian flavours served over rice is the perfect picnic food. Pronounced “po-kay”, try the #1 taste of summer at the just opened Big TunaFish’d (as part of Adelaide Place Pop-up), Seven Lives Tacos or Miss Things, and keep an eye for North Poke opening later this summer.

Which of the 10 tastes are you going to try first?