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Toronto’s Food Truck Event of the Year is Now Free!

Raise your fork- Food Truck Festival Ontario has a new downtown location and free admission!

ftfo 2017

You will enjoy summer’s final weekend with friends on the grassy Sherbourne Common. Savour the direct view of Lake Ontario and exclusive $6 menu items from the city’s favourite food trucks, as they compete for your vote in their quest to win the Golden Fork Trophy.

Some of the mouthgasmic tastes you can look forward to:

best Toronto food truck

Peking Duck Poutine by Me.N.U

beset food truck eats

Avocado Fries by Untamed Chef

toronto ice cream truck

Build your own ice cream creation by Bake 350

toronto churros

Dulce de Leche Churros by Cha Cha Churros

Want to live like a Foodstar for the day? Checkout their VIP pass.

How to Become a Food Festival Master

Every summer weekend Toronto hosts some sort of food festival.

Numerous vendors gather for a day of yum, offering you a lot of options. Really enticing options that range a variety of tastes that you may not have the chance to try for a long long time, maybe ever!

FOMO is inevitable. Even seasoned foodies with stretchy pants have failed to capture all the tastes at Toronto’s top food festivals. But with your team foodie fun in tow, maybe, just maybe… YOU CAN.

6 steps to becoming a food festival master:

1. Assemble team foodie.

It is desirable you trust the tastes of each team member. Will they make a winning choice when faced with an extensive menu? Is it possible they could have a snaccident?

2. Plan your attack.

With so many options, your team needs a plan. Which vendors will you target first? Second? Third? Will there be themed rounds- Asian? Sweet? Savoury? Vegan? Your options are usually endless, have fun with it!

toronto food festival fun

3. Divide.

Each team member goes on their own mission to find their assigned dish- Go!

4. Conquer.

With a dish successfully secured. Resist the temptation to taste your catch on the walk back to your team.

5. Re-group.

Talk about your dishes, take pictures of your dishes, share your dishes- you’re team foodie fun!

6. More (and more) food.

Repeat steps 3-5 until you’ve conquered all the offerings the festival has to offer!

WARNING: After round 4 it is common to lose a team member to a food coma. Deal with this by slapping them lightly on the belly.

Tag your team foodie fun below!

Which Food Truck Will Get Your Vote?

Sure- eat your way through a beautiful September day in Downsview Park with your family and friends, sampling $6 dishes from Ontario’s premier food trucks, but don’t forget that along the way you help decide who wins Ontario’s most prestigious food truck award!

the golden fork

 The Golden Fork trophy is given annually to the truck with the most fan votes at Food Truck Festival Ontario. This is the most sought after award on the Ontarian food truck circuit, and it’s no small feat; FTFO attracts food trucks from across Ontario! You get just one vote to cast, so make it count!


2015 Golden Fork winner Jenn Burko (with trophy) and Bake Three Fifty team

Bake Three Fifty was a newborn Toronto food truck when they won the Golden Fork in 2015. Though they were the new kids in the park, they held their own against stiff competitors like Me.n.u, Jerk Brothers, and Food Dudes with their make your own ice cream sandwiches.

“We are the only truck where you can design your dessert from start to finish,” says owner Jenn Burko referring to the cookies, cupcakes, ice creams, and a plethora of toppings customers have at their fingertips. “I have fifty-year-old women screaming, excited. It brings out the kid in everyone.”

Jenn takes pride in her win. “It was very rewarding. We took a huge risk opening the truck and it could have easily failed or succeeded. I think when we won at FTFO it validated the idea. I thought, okay people like our product.”

So what, food truck fan, does this mean for you?

To get your vote, food trucks bring their best creations to the counter. You get the best Ontario food trucks have!

menu JoeSome will create exclusive dishes. “We might sneak in a secret menu item,” says Joe Tillo of Me.n.u Food Truck (above). “That’s what we’ll do so we can win the Golden Fork.”

jerk brothers colinJerk Brothers owner Collin Black (above  right) won’t even tell us about the new dish he has in the works. “You’ve got to find out on September 18! We want that fork,” he says.

Even Smoke’s Poutinerie is crafting a never before seen dish for festival day.

golden fork food truck food

Baked goodness, international fusion, deep-fried comfort or vegan friendly- Which will be your favourite on September 18? Get your ticket here.