Why this Oyster Bar is Toronto’s Best

Owner Adam Colquhoun leads a team of shuckers with over 100 years of combined experience at his Queen Street West oyster bar.


Oysters make you smile- Kasia, Jen and master shucker Tyler

Opened in April of 2000, Oyster Boy features a selection of oysters curated from the East and West Coast (East is saltier and brinier) starting at $16/ half dozen. Have them baked with Gruyere cheese, breadcrumbs and Tabasco for an extra $2.


Fresh oysters from New Brunswick (front) and British Columbia (back)

Spring is prime time for oysters from Nova Scotia, when oysters first open up after coming out of hibernation, we serve them fresh, tasty and firm,” says Adam who suggests pairing oysters with white wine, champagne, crisp lagers or vodka martinis.


Craving yet? Oyster Boy offers a casual fun night of world class oysters and drinks for about $60/person, or find their shuckers at May 27th CraveTO event where they will be serving spring fresh oysters.


What drink do you pair with your oysters? Let us know below.