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Cheese, Balloons and Stationary: The Artisans of FTFO

Picture yourself at a summer festival. The sun is shining, the venue is lush with greenery, your belly is full with mouthgasmic tasty treats, and now a stroll is in order.

downsview park food festival

Because you’re at a festival, discovery is at every turn: Performers, music, contests, a drinks garden… and … an Artisan market full of unique hard to find items!

10 Artisans to discover at Food Truck Festival Ontario

With Love


DIY craft kits: Make your own watercolour ceramic mug, jewelry holder (above) or bath bombs! Perfect for a crafty fall day.

Elemenopee Designs

elemenopee art

Clean, attractive and often hilarious wall art from the Toronto graphic designer.

Fifth Town

fifthtown cheese

Cheese, glorious cheese! Artisanal goat and sheep cheeses from beautiful Prince Edward County.

Frances T


Food and art together at last! Frances marries her love of food and detailed artistry through stationery for you and your friends.

Captain Jamie’s


All-natural bath and body products. Some of the ingredients are sourced directly from the maker’s organic garden. Fresh creams, exfoliants, masks and balms.

Clothing from the 6

Clothing from the 6

Show your pride for “The 6ix” with comfy casualwear: Beanies, fitted caps, jerseys and Ts. Featuring the most Torontonian logo ever.



There’s food trucks and then… there’s fashion trucks! Goregeous, trendy work or day wares hand-picked by the owner. Ask for her expert fashion opinion!

The Duke Brothers

duke brothers nitro coffee toronto

Smooth cold brewed coffee. For something special try the brothers “nitro coffee”, it’s cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen to make super creamy and caramelized.

The Sweetest Thing Confectionary

the sweetest thing confectionary

Forget boring round balloons, buy fun balloons, mugs, confetti boxes and cake toppers for that perfect Instagram shot- think of all the likes you will rack-up!

There are no fashion rules against wearing Harry Potter and Michael Scott at the same time. Buttons and jewelry mixed with pop culture.

Foodie Swag


Yes, that’s a blanket. Perfect to lay on the lush green grass at Downsview Park for a picnic with your team foodie.

The final “Sunday Funday” of summer awaits you: Eating, drinking, live music and shopping!  Get your ticket here.

Menu food truck toronto

Travel, Eat, Share: Your Next Toronto Staycation

So we all want to drop everything and eat our way across a continent, right? Bucket lists are pleasant thoughts, but reality says “staycation” over “vacation” because there are a ton of things getting in our way: Lack of vacation days, lack of funds, lack of a travel buddy. Let us introduce you to a food truck that makes foodie adventures the focus of their business.

During the winter months when the food truck industry hibernates, the Me.n.u food truck team heads for Asia, seeking flavours of the continent to bring back to Toronto food truck fans.

menu Joe

“The concept of ‘travel, eat, share’ is what we live by,” says Joe (above), who joined co-founders Brian and Allen on their travels this year. “We’re all in this hub in the city and we’re all just yearning to escape. We want to bring things to Torontonians that they wouldn’t normally see.”

Amongst their discoveries this year was Filipino adobo, a pork dish simmered in a tangy garlic marinade, which you can now find on their menu. You can also sample Korean, Thai, Malaysian and Taiwanese dishes.

adobo“Adobo” a Filipino pork dish

“We visited night markets, monuments, biked up the mountains, we saw little monkeys in the Philippines. It’s not just eating, it’s the whole experience.

The experience that keeps you coming back

Joe says customers are friends, not just hungry passersby. “We address people by their names; we make sure that you’re wowed by the whole experience. We just embrace food, people, music, everything. We’re just a happy bunch.” (1)Me.n.u food truck does more than serve food

Me.n.u will showcase at Food Truck Festival Ontario for their third consecutive year, and this year they plan to sneak in a secret menu item.  “That’s how we can win the Golden Fork trophy!” Joe says.

Your September 18th Staycation

Travel to Downsview Park, meet Joe, Brian and/or Allen, eat their food, share your experience and see other staycationers experience using #FTFO. Get your staycation ticket here.

Menurice balls


Which Food Truck Will Get Your Vote?

Sure- eat your way through a beautiful September day in Downsview Park with your family and friends, sampling $6 dishes from Ontario’s premier food trucks, but don’t forget that along the way you help decide who wins Ontario’s most prestigious food truck award!

the golden fork

 The Golden Fork trophy is given annually to the truck with the most fan votes at Food Truck Festival Ontario. This is the most sought after award on the Ontarian food truck circuit, and it’s no small feat; FTFO attracts food trucks from across Ontario! You get just one vote to cast, so make it count!


2015 Golden Fork winner Jenn Burko (with trophy) and Bake Three Fifty team

Bake Three Fifty was a newborn Toronto food truck when they won the Golden Fork in 2015. Though they were the new kids in the park, they held their own against stiff competitors like Me.n.u, Jerk Brothers, and Food Dudes with their make your own ice cream sandwiches.

“We are the only truck where you can design your dessert from start to finish,” says owner Jenn Burko referring to the cookies, cupcakes, ice creams, and a plethora of toppings customers have at their fingertips. “I have fifty-year-old women screaming, excited. It brings out the kid in everyone.”

Jenn takes pride in her win. “It was very rewarding. We took a huge risk opening the truck and it could have easily failed or succeeded. I think when we won at FTFO it validated the idea. I thought, okay people like our product.”

So what, food truck fan, does this mean for you?

To get your vote, food trucks bring their best creations to the counter. You get the best Ontario food trucks have!

menu JoeSome will create exclusive dishes. “We might sneak in a secret menu item,” says Joe Tillo of Me.n.u Food Truck (above). “That’s what we’ll do so we can win the Golden Fork.”

jerk brothers colinJerk Brothers owner Collin Black (above  right) won’t even tell us about the new dish he has in the works. “You’ve got to find out on September 18! We want that fork,” he says.

Even Smoke’s Poutinerie is crafting a never before seen dish for festival day.

golden fork food truck food

Baked goodness, international fusion, deep-fried comfort or vegan friendly- Which will be your favourite on September 18? Get your ticket here.