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Find Tomorrow’s Beer Today

With an explosion of Toronto beers to choose from at bars and the LCBO, It’s hard to decide on the perfect brew.

Old Tomorrow is a new option that might be your answer.

Being in talks with his family for 10 years, Ian Macdonald launched the brand two years ago with his mom, Pat. Old Tomorrow features John A. Macdonald (Ian’s distant relative) on its label, and draws inspiration from our nation’s heritage, moments of greatness and the Canadian story.

Old IanandPat

      Mom and Son: Owners of Old Tomorrow


Old Tomorrow has three offerings:

1. Monty’s Golden Ryed Ale (5.5% / 660ml bottle / $6.95)


The result of a collaboration with Olympic gold medalist, skeleton racer Jon Montgomery. “I tweeted him about a beer with his name on it, and within 5 minutes he responded, ‘Absolutely, count me in‘”, says Ian.

The brew is influenced by Jon’s Manitoba home, and drinking rye whisky. Rye whisky is aged in oak, so it adds a sweet honey oak taste to the ale. The beer catapulted Old Tomorrow into Favourite Brewery status at Session Craft Beer Festival last summer.

2. Track 85 Lagered Ale (4.5% / 473ml can / $2.95)


Their latest release commemorates the completion of the Trans Canada railroad in 1885. It is smooth and mellow, with hints of fruit and a clean crisp finish.

3. Original Canadian Pale Ale (4.9% / 473ml can / $2.95)


Their signature brew is a pleasantly bitter, amber coloured ale with a creamy head.

Craving a taste? Find all three at select LCBOs or chat with Ian May 27th at CraveTO on Queen while sampling all three of his brews.

Get Sassy with this Classic Dessert

Have you ever sunk your teeth into a fresh homemade family dessert, knowing that decades worth of family tradition is in your mouth?

You may have muttered “Holy Cannoli!” if you were able to get any words out at all.

The cannoli maker

Growing up in her parent’s Italian bakery in Scarborough, Vanessa Chiara launched Holy Cannoli in September 2014 doing popups like at Toronto Gourmet Food and Wine and Waterfront Artisan Market.

Best Cannoli in Toronto


Holy Cannoli owner Vanessa Chiara

With deeps roots of Italian desserts in the family business, Vanessa’s classic vanilla cannoli stays effortlessly true to Italian tradition. However she offers some sassy variations: Cannoli tiramisu cups, cannoli chips and dip, cannoli cream pie and even a fill-your-own cannoli kit!  She prides her desserts on being freshly filled (never soggy) with her handmade cream.


Cannoli Chips and Dip 

“One of the most memorable moments on the job is finding new ways to present cannolis – we’ve collaborated with Eva’s Original Chimneys to create a Holy Chimnoli (Canolli Chimney cakes),” says Vanessa.

When you sink your teeth into a freshly filled cannoli at CraveTO on May 27, know that you’ll be holding decades worth of family tradition in your mouth. If you can get any words out at all, ask Vanessa some questions about her trips to Sicily where she handpicks the shell you just ate.

 Canno-spberry Chocolate Cannoli

Raspberry Chocolate Cannolis

Can’t wait until May 27th? Find Holy Cannoli at local retailers: G for Gelato, McEwan Foods or Daniel et Daniel.

Why this Oyster Bar is Toronto’s Best

At this oyster bar on Queen Street West, owner Adam Colquhoun leads a team of shuckers with over 100 years of combined experience.

OysterCreweOysters make you smile- Oyster Boy staff

Opened in April of 2000, Oyster Boy features a selection of oysters curated from the East and West Coast (East is saltier and brinier) starting at $16/ half dozen. Have them baked with Gruyere cheese, breadcrumbs and Tabasco for an extra $2.

oyster1Fresh oysters from New Brunswick (front) and British Columbia (back)

Spring is prime time for oysters from Nova Scotia, when oysters first open up after coming out of hibernation, we serve them fresh, tasty and firm,” says Adam who suggests pairing oysters with white wine, champagne, crisp lagers or vodka martinis.


Craving oysters yet? Oyster Boy offers a casual fun night of world class oysters and drinks for about $60/person.


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